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STEP 1: Use regular glass cleaner or a 25/75 solution of rubbing alcohol and water respectively and clean application surface thoroughly. Surface must be clean of dirt, dust, oil, and wax.

Temporarily place the decal in the desired location with two small pieces of masking tape (one on each upper corner of the decal) holding the decal to the vehicle surface. With a measuring tape, align the decal with the window or body section. Apply a long piece of masking tape along the top of the decal with approximately half of the tape on the decal and half on the vehicle surface. This will make a large 'hinged flap'.

Raise the large hinged 'flap', and begin to peel the wax paper backing off the decal (exposing the sticky side of the decal). Be sure to only expose half of the decal. DO NOT ALLOW THE STICKY PART OF THE DECAL TO TOUCH THE VEHICLE SURFACE YET.

Without allowing the decal to touch the surface, lower the hinged flap slowly until your finger is about 1" away from the surface. Starting from the top center, slowly and firmly begin to apply the sticky side of the decal to the application surface with a plastic squeegee, drivers license or credit card. Be sure to use even strokes horizontally across the decal while working your way down. Once the entire sticky side of the decal is applied to the surface, squeegee over the decal again with increasingly harder strokes.

STEP 5: Carefully begin peeling off the application tape at a 45 degree angle, peeling from one of the top corners to the bottom of the opposite corner. Any small bubbles can be removed by poking a small hole with a needle and then pushing the air out with your index finger. Squeegee over the decal again with increasingly harder strokes.

Tips... ~ Decals are best applied to a warm surface (room temperature) ~ After you apply the decal, let the sun "cure" your decal before washing or exposing it to harsh conditions ~ Use caution when washing DO NOT spray high pressure water on your decal.

Send us pictures of decals after installation.